Freezer Repair

Is your freezer not working as it should? Santana Appliance Repair is here to help you get it running smoothly again! We understand the importance of freezers in our daily lives. They help us store food, save money, and reduce waste. That’s why we provide quick and efficient freezer repair services in North Austin, Hutto TX and more. Our skilled technicians specialize in fridge and freezer repair, ensuring your appliances are back to optimal performance quickly.

It’s crucial to maintain a freezer temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower, as recommended by the FDA, to keep your food safe and prevent bacterial growth. If you notice any issues with your freezer, don’t wait to get it repaired. Our skilled technicians can diagnose and fix all kinds of freezer problems, including those with upright freezers, chest freezers, drawer freezers, and refrigerator-freezer combos.

If you’re experiencing cooling system issues, such as bad evaporator fans, malfunctioning safety switches, or faulty defrost control timers, it’s best to leave the repairs to our professionals. These components are potentially hazardous and require specialized knowledge and tools to handle safely.

Some common freezer issues we encounter include the freezer not turning on, fluctuating temperatures, over-cooling, defective or damaged door seals, and strange noises during operation. Our experts can troubleshoot these issues and provide effective solutions, so you can enjoy your freezer’s convenience once again.

Don’t let a malfunctioning freezer spoil your food and disrupt your daily routine. Contact Santana Appliance Repair today to schedule your freezer repair service in North Austin, Texas.

Some Common Issues

The freezer won’t turn on

Is the freezer plugged in, power switch on, and breakers functioning properly? If so, call a Santana Appliance Repair professional for help!

The freezer is over-cooling

If your freezer over cools, it can create unwanted frosting. If you notice frost in or on pipes, be sure to get freezer repair right away.

The freezer is not cooling

Did you leave the door open? Were the temperature controls accidentally adjusted? Are door seals working? Many issues could be to blame. Our technicians are great troubleshooters.

The freezer isn’t a consistent temperature

If the temperature fluctuates in your freezer, it can cause spoilage. The culprit can be dust and debris or more serious issues, and we can help.

The door seals are defective or damaged

This can lead to energy waste. If you can pull a dollar bill out of your freezer door when it is shut, the seal isn’t working properly!

The freezer makes noises during operation

Startup noises and clunks could be a sign of compressor or engine issues. Our professionals can quickly identify the problem!

Freezer Brands We Commonly Service

What Our Happy Customers are Saying

“Rafael was professional, punctual, and very helpful. He kept us informed of the status when he needed to order a part. Then he was quick and skillful with the repair of our refrigerator. I would strongly recommend him to anyone needing appliance repair.”

Chris G. | Pflugerville, TX

“Rafael got me scheduled 4 days EARLIER than other repair techs. He called. me and showed up once again 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. He’s professional, thorough and educated me on how to extend the life of my LG Fridge. He’s the best repair man I have ever used, hands down!! Thanks again Rafael!!”

Richard D.

“When my newish refrigerator would not freeze ice cream, I was connected to Santanas through the manufacturer. Rafael came out on time and was able to fix my compressor quickly and professionally. He explained what went wrong and also the pitfalls of what could have happened as well, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I cannot recommend them enough.

Lance C.

Service and Repair You Can Count On

Santana’s Appliance is an LG, GE and Frigidaire/Electrolux authorized servicer, and works on most domestic appliances and brands. We look forward to providing you will excellent service.